Air France-KLM to launch new low-cost airline

Business 7/17/2017, 5:56 PM
Air France-KLM to launch new low-cost airline

Air France-KLM SA will go ahead with the launch of a new low-cost airline called Boost after its pilots have backed the move, AFP reported on Monday.

Pilots agreed on the creation of the new service, which will include medium-range and long-haul flights, on condition they are offered the same wages and conditions. Air France CEO Jean-Marc Janaillac said the agreement with the pilots is a "balanced compromise that serves the interest of the company and all its employees." On the other hand, other personnel which will work for Boost, including stewards and part of the ground staff, will be outsourced.

The mid-range low-cost flights will begin in the autumn, while the long-range flights will be introduced by mid-2018, the company stated.

Earlier, the pilots opposed the establishment of the low-cost service as they believed they would have to accept lower wages.

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