Brexit talks begin

Politics 7/17/2017, 2:25 AM
Brexit talks begin

Brexit Secretary David Davis is scheduled to meet EU’s chief negotiator Michael Barnier (pictured) on Monday to launch a first formal round of talks on Britain’s exit from the EU. The dozen of UK and EU negotiators, headed by Davis and Barnier, will meet in Berlaymont building in Brussels four days of talks.

Ahead of talks, Barnier warned that the "hard work starts now" following the largely ceremonial round of talks in June and that the "clock was ticking" to reach a deal. Brussels is accusing Britain of not making up its mind whether it wants “soft” or “hard” Brexit and insisted that the future will be discussed once there is sufficient progress on key issues – an estimated $112 billion exit bill, citizens’ rights and Northern Ireland border.

Two leaders stressed their opening day would mainly deal with the timing and structure of the divorce talks. According to the EU treaties, the two sides have until March 29, 2019, to reach an accord.

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