Haley: It's on N. Korea to respond to sanctions

Politics 9/15/2017, 7:56 PM
Haley: It's on N. Korea to respond to sanctions

United States Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley stated on Friday it's up to North Korea to respond to the new United Nations measures imposed on it earlier this week. Speaking before the press at the White House, she stated that the isolated nation will feel the full impact of the UN sanctions once its exports go away, also pointing out the countries which have stopped trade with Pyongyang in line with the new measures.

Concerning the Middle East, Haley said that the United States efforts in Syria have been remarkable, adding that the US is a strong partner in the resolution for Syria. "The U.S. will not be satisfied until we see a solid and stable Syria," Haley said. She noted that her country is also looking at the post-ISIS picture, saying that Iran is not going to be in charge once the Islamic State is defeated.

Asked if the absence of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping at next week's UN General Assembly will affect the meeting, Haley said it's their choice to not show up. She added that President Trump will deliver a speech at the meeting which "slaps the right people and the U.S. comes out being very strong in the end." 

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