Hamas says is accepts Abbas' demands

Politics 9/17/2017, 5:53 AM
Hamas says is accepts Abbas' demands

The Hamas militant group said they have accepted key demands made by Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas, including holding a nationwide election in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, a move that could mend a 10-year rift that has left the Palestinians divided between two governments.

Hamas said in a statement that it was responding to the Egyptian efforts to end the split and achieve reconciliation, “and based on our desire to achieve national unity.” Hamas invited Abbas’ government to return to Gaza and said it was ready for new elections.

The Palestinians have been divided between two governments since 2007 when Hamas drove Abbas’ forces out of the Gaza Strip, leaving him in control only of autonomous areas of the West Banks. Hamas has been weakened by blockades, wars and international isolation. Egypt recently invited top Hamas officials to discuss reconciliation with Abbas. 

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