IBM launches mainframe with bulk data encryption

7/17/2017, 8:17 AM
IBM launches mainframe with bulk data encryption

Automatic encryption of all data within a service platform or application, together with multi-layer cybersecurity features, was rolled out on Monday by International Business Machines Corp. The system is powered by the new Z mainframe, which at 18 times faster than conventional x86 speed has the ability to lift a wall in emergencies. The capacity is more than 12 billion encrypted transactions per day to counter "the global epidemic of data breaches," the statement adds.

"The vast majority of stolen or leaked data today is in the open and easy to use because encryption has been very difficult and expensive to do at scale," said Ross Mauri, general manager of IBM Z. "We created a data protection engine for the cloud era to have a significant and immediate impact on global data security." The company suggests the mainframe has potential for banking, healthcare, government and retail systems.

The product has the ability to invalidate encryption keys in case of intrusion such as a ransomware attack, and restore them later. Engineers explained the tools are routinely exposed in memory, while that the issue is now covered by the so-called tamper responding hardware. Z has already been deployed for IBM Blockchain services.

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