Iran hopes Yemen war does not spark conflict with Saudis

Politics 7/18/2017, 4:43 AM
Iran hopes Yemen war does not spark conflict with Saudis

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif (pictured) said that he hopes the war in Yemen does not provoke direct confrontation between Iran and Saudi Arabia and that they can work together to end the conflict in the country and Syria.

"We certainly hope that if we don't agree with each other about the situation in Yemen or about the situation in Syria we can still work with each other in order to bring those situations to an end," Zarif said. When asked if he was worried about direct confrontation between the two nations, he said: "We certainly hope not ... We don't have to fight; we don't need to fight. We don't need to try to exclude each other from the scene in the Middle East."

On current political tensions in the Gulf area in which several countries cut off diplomatic ties with Qatar, accusing it of financing Islamist militant groups and allying with Iran, Zarif commented that his country is on the same side of the fence. "Iran is a serious partner for all these countries in fighting a common enemy because we believe at the end of the day ... these extremist forces are as much a threat against us, but even more a threat against them," he said.

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