May: UK terror threat level raised to critical

Politics 9/15/2017, 9:30 PM
May: UK terror threat level raised to critical

The national threat level of the United Kingdom has been raised to critical from severe, indicating a "further attack may be imminent," British Prime Minister Theresa May said on Friday following the most recent terror attack in the country's capital. 

After the improvised explosive device was detonated at the Parsons Green subway station in London, and as the manhunt for the culprit continues, Operation Tempora has been authorized by the Defense Ministry. As part of the operation, military personnel will accompany and step in for police officers on important locations, including the transport network, the prime minister asserted. This will provide "extra reassurance" to the public, she continued, and added that citizens should "go about their business" as usual and be vigilant.

"Terrorism is a great challenge of our times, but standing together we will defeat it," May concluded.

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