Trump: Russia will respect us more under my lead

Politics 1/11/2017, 6:22 PM
Trump: Russia will respect us more under my lead

United States President-elect Donald Trump said on Wednesday that Russia and its President Vladimir Putin “will respect us [America] more when I’m leading.” When asked whether Trump or any member of his administration knew about the Russian hack and whether anybody had any contact with the Russians, the real estate mogul only said that he doesn’t believe Russia will repeat such cyber attacks.

“I don’t believe he [Putin] will be doing it more,” noted Trump regarding the hacking scandal. The president-elect didn’t fail to highlight again that Russia is not the only country that committed cyber attack on the US. Trump also said he hopes he will get along with Putin but that it is also possible that they won’t.

According to Trump, 22 US million accounts were hacked by China.

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