Juncker: Wind is back in EU sails

Politics 9/13/2017, 9:49 AM
Juncker: Wind is back in EU sails

President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker said in an annual State of the Union address delivered on Wednesday that the European Union is bouncing back after a series of crisis and that the confidence of its citizens is returning.

He said that the "wind is back in Europe's sails" and there is a window of opportunity for the union right now. He cited a nine-year low unemployment rate and more people at work than ever as examples of favorable conditions in the bloc. He also called for a more united, stronger and more democratic Europe for 2025, adding the EU needs a Minister of Economy and Finance.

EU's top official said that the union should initiate trade talks with Australia and New Zealand and conclude ongoing trade negotiations by 2019. Juncker also announced a new industrial strategy, as well as investment screenings for foreign investments into strategic EU assets and companies. He praised Italy's efforts in handling the migrant crisis, adding that the EU will propose a new migrant deportation policy by the end of the month, but also work to improve conditions in Libya. 

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