UK's May pledges £25 mln for Hurricane Irma relief

Politics 9/13/2017, 1:58 PM
UK's May pledges £25 mln for Hurricane Irma relief

United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa May promised an additional £25 million on Wednesday to help victims of Hurricane Irma in the United States and other affected areas. The move brings total British aid to £57 million and comes amid criticism of the government's response to the disaster in the Caribbean. 

Speaking at Prime Minister's Question in parliament, May promised her cabinet will work with Britain's overseas territories to ensure those countries are "brought to life once again." The premier was criticized by Caribbean residents and senior Members of Parliament that the UK's response to the emergency was too slow.

Britain's Foreign Minister Boris Johson, who is due to visit the affected countries, including Anguilla, said the UK will be there to provide help in "the long term."

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