Obama says Trump should 'stop whining'

Politics 10/18/2016, 7:36 PM
Obama says Trump should 'stop whining'

United States President Barack Obama said during a joint press conference with Italy's Prime Minister Matteo Renzi on Tuesday that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump should “stop whining” about the possibility of a “rigged” election in November.

Obama claimed it would be difficult to “rig” elections in the U.S. due to the decentralized system and the large number of voters and stated that Trump has no evidence to back his accusations.

After suggesting to Trump to “try to make his case to get votes,” Obama voiced his expectations of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton “to offer a gracious concession speech and pledge" to cooperate with the business mogul in the best interest of U.S. citizens if he is elected president next month. The president added that despite what Trump talked about him, the two would have a "peaceful transfer of power" in case Trump is chosen as his successor.

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