Report: 'Chemical incident' suspected in south London

World 9/17/2017, 3:26 PM
Report: 'Chemical incident' suspected in south London

There has been a suspected "chemical incident" in south London on Sunday, sparking an emergency operation, according to a tweet released by the city's ambulance crew that is reportedly at the scene.

The Alwold Crescent street in Lee, where the incident reportedly took place, has been put on lockdown and roads have been closed off as several people were taken ill after suffering a bad reaction to an unknown chemical, media reported. According to sources, there were people, possibly residents of the area, who complained of irritation and had been throwing up all morning. The police think the toxic chemical has been coming from the sewage system, reports added.

Witnesses said members of the police told them they were investigating whether the incident is terror-related and urged them not to panic.

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