Russia urges US to stay in Iran nuclear deal

Politics 9/16/2017, 1:23 PM
Russia urges US to stay in Iran nuclear deal

Russian ambassador to the United Nations (UN) Vassily Nebenzia stated on Saturday that Moscow wishes for Washington to remain in the nuclear deal with Iran, IRNA reported. The Russian diplomat said that his country will address the issue during the upcoming session of the UN General Assembly when the nuclear agreement countries are set to meet.

“That is not only our message, but the rest of the participants and those that are outside are trying to send this message across,” said Nebezia. Moscow's intention to persuade Washington to stay in the deal comes after the US President Donald Trump stated his intention to terminate the agreement. 

Meanwhile, Iran announced earlier it developed "the father of all bombs," which as a non-nuclear 10-ton bomb. A senior Iranian military official stated: "If the United States has the mother of all bombs, then Iran has a father of bombs."

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