Tillerson: US, Saudi deals will bring jobs to Americans

Politics 5/20/2017, 6:24 PM
Tillerson: US, Saudi deals will bring jobs to Americans

Following the signing of a series of agreements between the United States and Saudi Arabia, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said on Saturday that the deals will provide Americans with “hundreds of thousands of jobs.” “Today truly is a historic moment in US-Saudi relations,” Tillerson lauded the deals, which include a $110 billion arms package sale.

Speaking in Riyadh, the Secretary of State stated that economic cooperation and strengthening security were the focus of talks between leaders of the two countries, highlighting “strong economic relationships are the foundation of strong security relations as well.”  

Tillerson went on to explain that new initiatives concerning violent extremism and terrorism have been kicked off in Saudi Arabia with the help of the US, and stressed the importance of fighting against ISIS on the ground and “in the cyberspace” as well. Finally, he indicated that the arms sale package will relieve “the burden of US military forces” as “America's security at home is strengthened when Saudi Arabia's security is strong as well.”

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