Trump: Colombia, US will confront drug crimes

Politics 5/18/2017, 10:13 PM
Trump: Colombia, US will confront drug crimes

Colombia and the United States will join forces to end the terrible drug crimes that plague both countries, US President Donald Trump said on Thursday at a joint press conference with his Colombian counterpart Juan Manuel Santos.

President Trump vowed to cooperate and assist Colombia, which he described as “one of our closest allies in our hemisphere,” in its effort to eliminate drug trafficking, the cultivation of coca and cocaine production. Last year, the president underscored, cocaine production reached a record high.

One of the ways this administration will confront drug trafficking will be the building of the wall along the US-Mexico border, Trump reiterated one of his campaign promises, and commended Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly for his performance on securing the border. Illegal immigration to the United States, the president emphasized, has significantly fallen under his presidency, 73% he claimed, and added that his administration is "committed to keeping drugs and gangs from pouring into the country." He lauded ICE, the border patrol and local police forces for their work as well. 

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