Trump: Former CT Senator top pick for FBI director

Politics 5/18/2017, 9:48 PM
Trump: Former CT Senator top pick for FBI director

United States President Donald Trump said on Thursday that former Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman is one of the top candidates for the role of the new Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) director. During a meeting with Columbian President Juan Manuel Santos at the White House, Trump hinted that the name of the new FBI chief will be revealed "very soon." The president added that Trump administration was "very close" to reaching a decision on who will assume the post. 

Joseph Isadore Lieberman, known as Joe Lieberman, used to serve as the US Senator from Connecticut from 1989 until 2013. Lieberman is also an ex-member of the Democratic party. The Democrats put his candidacy for vice presidency in the 2000 elections. 

Meanwhile, the US president commented upon his meeting with his Columbian counterpart, adding that 'knocking out the drugs" will be at the top of the agenda for cooperation between two countries. Trump said that both presidents are "working very hard and diligently" and he expects the US-Columbian cooperation to last in the future as well. 

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