Trump promises fewer regulations for companies

Politics 7/17/2017, 10:03 PM
Trump promises fewer regulations for companies

The United States will cut regulations for companies and lower tax to boost the economy, President Donald Trump said at the Made in America event at the White House on Monday. Trump added that he is officially proclaiming the Made in America Week and said July 17 is Made in America Day.

The president stressed that American manufacturing must be celebrated as well as all products from the US. He noted that the US must look for a "level-playing field" in international trade. Trump went on to comment that not introducing tariffs is a part of free trade, however, he sees it as "really stupid trade." Trump made a pledge to stop allowing other countries "to break the rules," "steal" American jobs and "drain" the country's wealth.

During his speech, the president added that a lot will be changing in the American economy in the next six months and it will be led by "two simple rules: buy America, hire American."

Trump especially pointed out that the US must battle unfair trade by stopping "predatory" sales of goods online which are "killing American shoppers and shopping centers." Finally, he said that "reciprocity" must be the leading idea in international trade.

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