Trump retweets posts praising his presidency

Politics 9/17/2017, 2:23 PM
Trump retweets posts praising his presidency

United States President Donald Trump retweeted a post by a fan saying, "Only true Americans can see that president Trump is making America great. He's the only person who can! Haters are jealous of his success," and thanked the supporter.

The president also reposted a tweet by Daily Mail's US editor David Martosko, citing former labor reporter for the New York Times who criticized Trump for letting a ten-year-old mow his lawn on the grounds that it sends wrong signals regarding child labor, minimum wage and occupational safety. "This is the #NYTimes. Can you understand why so many reporters are cautious about working for them? " Martosko said.

Trump retweeted other posts praising his political agenda, including his efforts to revive America's manufacturing industry as well as the positive effects of his presidency on stock markets. One of the retweets included a picture implying that in 2020 all Americans will vote for a Republican president, while another post showed a GIF of Trump's "amazing golf swing" as the ball hits and knocks down "crooked" Hillary Clinton.

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