Trump: Ryan eyeing 2020 presidential bid

Politics 10/18/2016, 4:01 PM
Trump: Ryan eyeing 2020 presidential bid

Republican nominee for U.S. president, Donald Trump said in an interview aired on Tuesday that it may be possible that House Speaker Paul Ryan wants to run for president in 2020 and therefore doesn’t want him to win the election this year.

The billionaire went on to call Ryan a “very weak and ineffective leader.”

Ryan’s support for Trump was never particularly strong, but after a tape was released showing Trump make inappropriate comments about women, Ryan told fellow GOP members that he is withdrawing his support, and giving up on a win in the presidential election. Instead, the speaker wants all GOP members to focus on maintaining a majority in Congress.

If Trump enters the White House after November 8, Ryan will not be able to run as the Republican candidate in 2020 since a party’s incumbent president is automatically the party’s candidate in case they are eligible for a second term.

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