Uber warns Lewandowski to comply with court order

Company News | Business | Markets | Technology 5/19/2017, 8:45 AM
Uber warns Lewandowski to comply with court order

If he doesn't turn in any of the disputed files that may be in his possession, autonomous driving executive and engineer Anthony Lewandowski may be fired from Uber Technologies Inc. in another twist after a controversial transfer from Alphabet Inc. A court filing revealed a letter from the giant ride-hailing network operator threatening he will lose his job in the case he doesn't hand over Waymo project's documents that he has been sued for downloading. Alphabet has taken over the firm in December from its subsidiary Google Inc.

The information that emerged on Friday showed the message about the 14,000 allegedly obtained files was sent this week. District Judge William Alsup has earlier issued an injunction forbidding Lewandowski to work with Lidar technology and any other employee from handling stolen data. The engineer, which joined the world's largest startup last year as it acquired his self-driving truck firm Otto, has so far remained silent, indicating a rift with the company. Uber announced an appeal after the rejection of its arbitration attempt.

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