UK lawmakers call for Brexit data deal

Politics 7/18/2017, 4:21 AM
UK lawmakers call for Brexit data deal

A panel of British lawmakers warned that British police may be prevented from receiving information from their European Union counterparts unless the government reaches a data-protection agreement as part of its Brexit deal.

The British House of Lords Home Affairs EU Subcommittee explained that current EU rules would prevent both police and companies from moving data from inside the bloc to the UK. As a solution, it proposed that the government should seek an "adequacy decision," which would mean the EU agreeing that British data-protection rules meet its standards.

"The committee was concerned by the lack of detail on how the government plans to maintain unhindered data flows post-Brexit," the committee chairman, Michael Jay, said. "It was concerned, too, by the risk that EU and U.K. data-protection rules could diverge over time when the U.K. has left the EU."

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