US sanctions eight Venezuela justices

Politics 5/19/2017, 12:43 AM
US sanctions eight Venezuela justices

The United States imposed sanctions on chief judge and seven other members of Venezuela’s Supreme Court. The move aims to step up pressure on supporters of the leftist government of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro amid growing concern over a crackdown on mass street protests.

US President Donald Trump called the situation in Venezuela a “disgrace to humanity.” “We haven't really seen a problem like that... in decades, in terms of the kind of violence that we're witnessing,” he said. “People don't have enough to eat. People have no food. There's great violence. And we will do whatever is necessary …  to help with fixing that,” he added.

A senior US government official told reporters that “the point here is that President Trump has made it clear that the United States will not tolerate the 'bad actors' that exist in Venezuela under President Maduro”

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