Abe to visit Russia in one month for talks with Putin

World 3/20/2017, 12:02 PM
Abe to visit Russia in one month for talks with Putin

Fumio Kishida, minister for foreign affairs of Japan, told reporters he and his counterpart Sergey Lavrov agreed to organize a visit of prime minister Shinzo Abe (pictured right) to Russia in late April and once again before the end of the year. Speaking at a joint press conference on Monday, the island country's official explained the head of the government in Tokyo will meet President Vladimir Putin (second right) and that efforts are underway to establish the terms for signing a peace treaty at last.

Following a bilateral meeting of foreign and defense ministers, Lavrov stated North Korea must respect resolutions of the United Nations Security Council, but that sanctions are supposed to help the return to the diplomatic track. He stressed the deployment of the United States Army's anti-ballistic missile system in South Korea was disproportionate to the threats from the northern neighbor.

Russia's defense chief Sergey Shoygu said Japan was offered to participate in the demining of cultural heritage in Syria's Palmyra. He went on to express hope it can also join reconstruction efforts after the war.

The officials in the so-called 2+2 format agreed the Japanese training flotilla will visit Russia this year. Still, Kishida said the government in Tokyo is concerned because of the Russian deployment of cruise missiles and troops in the disputed Kuril Islands.

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