Airbnb rolls out time caps for London, Amsterdam

Company News | Business 12/1/2016, 12:33 PM
Airbnb rolls out time caps for London, Amsterdam

Airbnb Inc. and the capital cities of Britain and the Netherlands reached an agreement to bring the company's policy in line with local rules. The home-sharing network operator said on Thursday that from January hosts will be blocked when they reach the legal time limit for renting a home – 90 days per year in London and 60 days in Amsterdam. 

The rapidly expanding startup, headquartered in San Francisco, is introducing such caps for the first time, indicating the intention to solve regulatory issues on both sides of the Atlantic and soften reactions from hotel chains. Earlier this year, it only launched alerts to hosts in Paris when they breach the 120-day rule.

Homeowners in Amsterdam can be excluded if they obtain a license, the company said and claimed the move is "an example to the world." The booking tool will include a complaints section for neighbors and a limit of four people per unit. The city said it intends to reach similar deals with other similar websites. Airbnb and HomeAway are faced with €600,000 fines each in Barcelona, as last week the local authority said they offered homes for rent without licenses. 

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