Comey: Russia probe ongoing, no evidence votes were changed

3/20/2017, 3:51 PM
Comey: Russia probe ongoing, no evidence votes were changed

FBI director James Comey testified before a House Intelligence Committee on Monday that the investigation into alleged ties between Russian officials and Trump campaign members was ongoing, and he explained that due to the complex nature of the probe he could not say when it would be completed.

When asked if there was any evidence suggesting that Russian interference changed any votes in the US presidential election in November, both Comey and NSA director Mike Rogers stated that to their knowledge there was no proof that the alleged meddling influenced votes. Admiral Rogers said that the January 6 2017 intelligence report found no evidence that Russia altered votes tallied in the election, while Comey agreed.

Director Comey asserted that his agency approached the investigation in an “open-minded, independent” manner and that it will “follow the facts wherever they lead.” Comey maintained as well that the leaking of classified information to the media is a federal crime, and with good reason, stating that it violates the Espionage act.

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