FB adds local discovery and food ordering tools

Company News | Business | Markets 10/19/2016, 5:31 PM
FB adds local discovery and food ordering tools

Facebook Inc. unveiled new features on Wednesday that let you order food and get place recommendations without leaving the app. Such a service is already being provided by apps like Foursquare, Yelp and Seamless.

The Recommendations feature allows users to write a Facebook post looking for advice on local places or services and to then get comments and suggestions from friends mapped and neatly laid out in one place. Consumers can now order food directly from the restaurant's Facebook page, book appointments in places such as spas and salons, request quotes from businesses or buy tickets for movies and events. The main app will now feature the best of the standalone Events app, allowing customers to see a feed of new events from friends or to browse a calendar of local parties, concerts, art exhibitions, meetups and more.

The new tools could help Facebook become the go-to source for recommendations on restaurants and services and to offer users the online ordering service. The company said that small businesses represent the biggest opportunities for the future growth of its advertising business.

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