Gingrich: Picking Romney would be outrageous

Politics 11/29/2016, 10:08 PM
Gingrich: Picking Romney would be outrageous

One of Donald Trump's closest allies suggested on Tuesday that the future commander-in-chief shouldn't have access to Twitter without oversight. Newt Gingrich, a top adviser to the United States president-elect, told USA Today's Capital Download the next national leader "can't randomly tweet without having somebody check it out" and said one of his biggest mistakes was to claim voter fraud after the election. 

Another wrong move by Trump, in the words of the former speaker of the House of Representatives, is considering to appoint Mitt Romney, the Republican presidential nominee from 2012, as secretary of State. The ex-governor of Massachusetts "said vile and vicious things" about the president-elect and poses "a very high risk," Gingrich stressed and claimed the prominent rival from the Grand Old Party would have a self-centered agenda. Trump's adviser called the move "outrageous" and praised Rudy Giuliani as a better choice.

Gingrich also defended the president-elect's decision to refrain from holding news conferences since July. He said the media has "totally disgraced itself" and that Trump should instead answer questions sent by citizens.

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