Google to review ad policy after extremist video complaints

Company News | Business | Markets 3/20/2017, 1:30 PM
Google to review ad policy after extremist video complaints

Google's chief for Europe, the Middle East and Africa Matt Brittin has publicly apologized on Monday following complaints by the company's corporate advertising partners over extremist content appearing next to brand ads on YouTube. Britton said that Google plans to review its ad policies, controls and enforcement in the coming days, even though the issue only affects "pennies, not pounds" of corporates' expenditure.

In particular, Google intends to invest in better controls over where ads are placed on its platforms as well as implement a stronger enforcement of reviewing questionable content, Brittin explained. At the moment, the Internet giant only reviews content that is flagged as inappropriate by its users and 98% of that content is dealt with within 24 hours, he added.

In response to the crisis over YouTube's extremist videos, Marks & Spencer froze all of its advertising on Google and its platforms globally this weekend, joining other major brands, including the BBC, HSBC, Lloyds, L'Oreal and Audi, that have already pulled their adverts.

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