Le Pen vows to control borders, deport criminals

Politics 4/20/2017, 9:21 PM
Le Pen vows to control borders, deport criminals

French far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen said on Thursday she intends to deport all foreigners with a criminal record and to increase border control in order to “know who is coming” to France.

During a 15-minute speech on France 2, she noted that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is threatening not to honor his agreement with the European Union about controlling migration which could lead to a large number of refugees entering EU countries. In case this does happen, it is vital to “control our borders” to stop the migration “wave,” according to the National Front candidate. Le Pen slammed "Islamist fundamentalism," calling it a "totalitarian ideology" and stating "radical" mosques should be closed.

Among other issues she stands for, the far-right candidate named abandoning the euro and introducing a national currency, saying it would have “numerous benefits.” Le Pen claimed she always thinks about France’s best interest when making decisions and stated she would never come to an important decision “without the opinion of the French people.”

The first round of the presidential election in France will take place on Sunday. According to the latest Ifop poll, Le Pen has the support of 22.5%, behind centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron who is favored to win with 24%.

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