Macron pays tribute to policeman killed in Paris

Politics | World 4/20/2017, 10:45 PM
Macron pays tribute to policeman killed in Paris

French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron paid tribute to the policeman who died following a shooting in Paris on Thursday. "I want to show solidarity with our law enforcement," he stated during his 15-minute presentation on France 2 television ahead of Sunday's election. The centrist candidate said one officer was confirmed dead after the shooting kin the French capital.

Macron noted such events are becoming "a part of our daily lives" and claimed it is the president's "primary duty" to "protect" the people.

Minutes before Macron came out to speak, an attacker shot two police officers in Champs-Elysees before he was killed by law enforcement forces. The authorities said the incident was likely an act of terror and anti-terror prosecutors are investigating the attack.

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