Moscow calls US policy on Cuba 'Cold War rhetoric'

6/18/2017, 2:35 PM
Moscow calls US policy on Cuba 'Cold War rhetoric'

Russian Foreign Ministry said on Sunday that the recent reversal of the United States policy on Cuba announced by President Donald Trump resembles "Cold War rhetoric" and that Moscow confirmed its solidarity with Havana.

Even though an "anti-Cuban" attitude is demanded, America's "arrogant style of doing business with Cuba is pointless," as has been proven over the last decades, the ministry said. It added that Russia will support dialogue with Cuba and strongly condemn any embargo, sanctions, blockades or dividing lines.

Trump ordered tighter restrictions on Americans traveling to the socialist island on Friday along with a clampdown on US business dealings with Cuban military, saying he was rolling back former President Barrack Obama's deal liberalizing ties with Havana.

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