Trump on hacks: It was Russia, but other countries, too

Politics 1/11/2017, 5:57 PM
Trump on hacks: It was Russia, but other countries, too

United States President-elect Donald Trump said on Wednesday he thinks Russia was behind the US presidential election hacks, but added that there were also other countries responsible for the breaches. 

Answering questions from the audience during his press conference, Trump suggested the Democratic National Committee's servers were hacked because of the poor security systems they implemented, unlike those of the Republican National Committee.

The incoming president also talked about his attitude towards Vladimir Putin, asserting he would probably not get along so well with the Russian leader, but that if Putin likes him, this can only be "an asset" for the US, not a liability. He reiterated his earlier statement that he has "no dealings with Russia, no deals or loans with Russia, and no current pending deals with Russia."

When asked whether he plans to finally release his tax returns, Trump repeated they are under audit and insisted that reporters are the only ones that still care about them. The public no longer cares, the president-elect said, as he won the November elections.


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