UAE to cease issuing visas to North Koreans

Politics 10/12/2017, 7:37 PM
UAE to cease issuing visas to North Koreans

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) government announced on Thursday that it won’t be granting new visas to North Korean citizens or give working permits to the North Korean companies anymore. The statement didn't say what will happen to the laborers currently residing in UAE.

The country's Foreign Ministry added that it plans to pull the UAE ambassador from North Korea and that his North Korean counterpart is ordered to leave the Arab country. The ministry also disclosed that Emirates "look forward to a unified global front against North Korea's nuclear weapons and missile program."

The UAE is not the only Gulf country to halt diplomatic relations with Pyongyang. Kuwait ended its relations with the North Korean regime in September by giving the Asian country's ambassador one month to leave. Kuwaiti government also stopped issuing visas to North Korean workers, banned their imports and ceased giving loans to Pyongyang. Qatar's government has also stopped renewing visas to the east Asian country.

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