Kelly: Trump would like world without nuclear weapons

Politics 10/12/2017, 8:06 PM
Kelly: Trump would like world without nuclear weapons

US President Donald Trump does not intend to increase America's nuclear weapons arsenal and would prefer a world without any such weapons at all, White House Chief of Staff John F. Kelly said on Thursday. Speaking at a White House press briefing, Kelly stated that contrary what has been reported, Trump had told him personally that it would be "Great to get rid of all of them [nuclear weapons]." However, the "threat" from North Korea and its weapons programs, and a "possible threat" from Iran are serious issues, he affirmed, adding that if the nations become nuclear powers it would be "an impetus for a lot of countries to develop or buy nuclear weapons." 

Kelly dismissed reports that he will be quitting his post at the White House or would be fired, explaining that he loves his current job and that during previous administrations "an awful lot of things were kicked down the road." 

Concerning President Trump's tweet on Puerto Rico from earlier, Kelly said the president considers Puerto Ricans US citizens, but that first responders, including FEMA and the military, cannot stay on the island forever. "America will stand with Puerto Rico," he reiterated and added that the US has a "great relationship with the government" of Puerto Rico, which will continue to receive aid. 

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