Kelly: Trump frustrated by media, slow Congress work

Politics 10/12/2017, 8:11 PM
Kelly: Trump frustrated by media, slow Congress work

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly said during a press briefing on Thursday that President Donald Trump's greatest frustrations include the media, as well as Congress and the slow process of passing legislation.

Kelly stressed that the president is a "businessman" and a "man of action," thus the slow Congress process is "hard" for him to deal with. According to Kelly, Trump sees obvious solutions to the issues of healthcare, taxes, infrastructure and national defense and cannot comprehend why Congress needs so long to pass the bills regarding these matters.

Replying to a journalist's question on what frustrates Trump, the White House chief of staff answered: "many of you." Kelly claimed the amount of "misreporting" in most of the media outlets is "astounding" and called on reporters to find "better sources."

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