Police in Manila break up protest against U.S.

Politics 10/19/2016, 8:20 AM
Police in Manila break up protest against U.S.

While Filipino president Rodrigo Duterte continued his four-day visit to China on Wednesday, seeking closer ties despite a heated and multilateral maritime dispute, a protest in Manila in front of the United States Embassy turned violent. The controversial new leader has fiercely criticized the government in Washington as well as the European Union and the incident may also add to tensions.

Duterte earlier said the recent joint military exercises with the U.S. would be the last under his term. His stance sparked a series of demonstrations against the presence of the country's troops and bases in the Philippines, and during today's protest the police used tear gas. Three people were injured when a truck belonging to the security forces rammed into the crowd. Other reports say demonstrators, who represent the indigenous and Muslim population, attempted to storm the building.

The president yesterday told China's Xinhua agency the government in Beijing was the only one to support his fight against illegal drug trade. Numerous extrajudicial and vigilante killings were reported in relation to the government's war on drugs.

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