Poll: Macron favorite to win in France after first debate

Politics 3/21/2017, 12:20 PM
Poll: Macron favorite to win in France after first debate

Centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron is the favorite to become France’s next president following the first televised debate between five candidates, according to the Harris Interactive Poll published on Tuesday.

Macron was seen as the most convincing candidate in yesterday’s debate and 22% of the respondents would like to see him succeed Francois Hollande. Far-right National Front’s candidate for the presidency, Marine Le Pen, is favoured by 20%, while conservative Francois Fillon has the support of 18% of the poll participants.

Meanwhile, the latest Opinionway Poll sees Le Pen as the favorite to take the first round of the election, but she is expected to lose to Macron in the second round.

During the debate, Macron said he wants to implement a firm but fair immigration system in the country, while Le Pen stated she intends to "put stop to legal and illegal migration" in case she is elected. Another two debates are scheduled prior to the vote on April 23, with the next one taking place on April 4.

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