Poll sees Le Pen losing votes

Politics 4/21/2017, 4:56 AM
Poll sees Le Pen losing votes

An Elabe poll published on Friday projected French centrist Emmanuel Macron to win the first round of France’s presidential election, while it saw far-right leader Marine Le Pen losing ground to him as other candidates were narrowing the lead.

Macron would win 24% of the vote in the first round, unchanged from the last time the poll was conducted three days earlier. Le Pen dropped 1.5 percentage points, to 21.5% of the vote. If Macron and Le Pen make it to the second round the centrist is projected to win with 65%.

Conservative Francois Fillon saw his score rise slightly to 20%, while hard-left leader  Jean-Luc Melenchon gained 1.5 points to 19.5% of the projected vote.

The poll was conducted before an attack in Paris that was claimed by the Islamic State.

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