Qualcomm rolls out cheap 4G phone system

Company News | Business | Markets 3/20/2017, 1:06 PM
Qualcomm rolls out cheap 4G phone system

Qualcomm Inc. has introduced a product which will make it possible for users of entry-level feature handsets in India, Latin America and Southeast Asia to have a faster wireless connection and longer battery life. The American mobile chip giant broke the news at a launch event in New Delhi on Monday.

In the emerging economies, cheaper phones dominate as most consumers do not have enough money to purchase smartphones with advanced features. Qualcomm Inc. is aiming to tap on the market segment, as the latest data showed low-cost devices accounted for the majority of deliveries to India and Indonesia.

The new product, which comes with a processor, hardware components and software, is designed to help micro and small enterprises in executing financial transactions. Feature phones containing the new chips, designed for the 4G network, will start arriving to the markets in the second quarter. They will be priced at around $50.

For Qualcomm, this is a profound shift in focus from more expensive smartphones to feature phones, triggered by a recent halt in smartphone demand growth.

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