Russia accuses U.K. of violating free speech

Politics 10/18/2016, 2:31 PM
Russia accuses U.K. of violating free speech

Russia asked the government of the United Kingdom in a statement published on Tuesday to explain the “unfriendly step” of closing the NatWest bank accounts of the Russia Today television channel, calling the move a “political decision.” The U.K. government is a majority shareholder of NatWest.

The Russian Embassy in London added that the “policy amounts to squeezing alternative voices out of UK media space, which testifies to the HM Government’s inability to defend its case on issues where we happen to differ with appropriate means.”

Furthermore, the embassy went on to accuse the U.K. of “unbearable conditions for Russian media,” which violate OSCE norms and represent “a blow to the freedom of expression, allegedly cherished in Britain.”

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