Russia cuts coordination channel with US for Syria

Politics | World 6/19/2017, 1:33 PM
Russia cuts coordination channel with US for Syria

Russia has terminated its so-called deconfliction channel with the United States for the coordination of military activities in Syria and said it will regard any flights within the area of its air force group’s operation in that country as legitimate targets, the Ministry of Defence in Moscow said on Monday. The military coalition led by the US earlier shot down a Syrian government’s Su-22 warplane. 

The interaction, agreed to prevent incidents and provide for safe flights, is ended, the Kremlin said and demanded a careful investigation. The ministry declared its air forces and anti-aircraft facilities may target "any airborne objects discovered west of the river Euphrates." The Ministry of Foreign Affairs earlier said the downing of the jet in the country's airspace is a “cynical violation of Syria’s sovereignty” and claimed US combat operations are “a flagrant violation of international law and an actual military aggression.” However, Deputy Minister Sergey Ryabkov has revealed he would meet Thomas Shannon, US under secretary of state for political affairs, in St. Petersburg on June 23 for talks on bilateral issues.

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