Schaeuble: Euro impacted by Brexit, US elections

Economy | Politics 4/20/2017, 7:53 PM
Schaeuble: Euro impacted by Brexit, US elections

The value of the euro has been affected by uncertainty caused by choices voters made in the United Kingdom and the United States, said Wolfgang Schaeuble, Germany's minister of finance. In an interview with CNBC on Thursday, he rejected claims of far-right French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen that the currency will exist only as long as there is peace. "Other people are responsible for my problems" is what "demagogues" say, Schaeuble stressed. One can ask for solidarity in Europe, though it mustn't be misunderstood as a "disincentive" for what one must do on their own, he said and cited the case of Greece.

"The reason why we have growing euroskeptic parties and population all over Europe is some tiredness of the complexity of the European decision-making process, some discussions on what rules mean," the minister stated. 

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