Sharpston: ECJ has ultimate authority on Article 50

Politics 11/29/2016, 9:26 PM
Sharpston: ECJ has ultimate authority on Article 50

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) will have the final say on the triggering of Britain's exit from the European Union, the body's most senior British member Eleanor Sharpston told Sky News on Tuesday. The advocate general said she anticipates the United Kingdom's Supreme Court may refer the matter for a hearing at the ECJ, adding she is fully aware of its sensitivity and constitutional importance.

The reason underlying the ECJ's necessary involvement lies in the fact that Britain will have to leave the bloc "in accordance with the rules" it observed at the time of joining, Sharpston clarified. These rules, she continued, are contained in the Article 50, and their interpretation is primarily reserved for the European Court. Given the past cases, the ECJ would rule on the matter within four to eight months under an accelerated procedure, Sharpston estimated. However, she warned the U.K. legal system could collapse if appropriate time and care is not taken to transpose thousands of European laws into British national laws in the Great Repeal Bill.

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