SPD tops Merkel’s CDU in latest poll

Politics 3/21/2017, 8:09 AM
SPD tops Merkel’s CDU in latest poll

German socialists, the SPD, have the support of 32% of likely voters after the percentage of people willing to support them in parliamentary elections later in the year increased by one point since last week, an INSA poll published on Tuesday showed.  The increase means that the SPD took over the lead from Chancellor Angela Merkel’s CDU, which is backed by 31% of the poll respondents.

Previous polls also showed a close result between the two major parties in Germany. Last week they were tied at 31% each. The CDU and SPD have been ruling the country in a so-called grand coalition since the 2013 election.

In the latest poll, the Left was supported by 8.5% and the far-right AfD gathered the likely votes of 11.5%.

The race for chancellor remains between the incumbent head of government Merkel and former EU parliament president, Martin Schulz from the SPD.

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