Tesla announces new self-driving hardware

Company News | Business 10/20/2016, 2:28 AM
Tesla announces new self-driving hardware

All new vehicles currently being produced by Tesla Motors will feature full self-driving hardware, the company announced on Thursday. The release will enable full autonomy in self-driving, which Tesla described as “safer than a human driver.”

The Model 3, Model S and Model X will all have the new hardware and such models can be purchased as soon as today, the company said.

Tesla, which stopped using the term autopilot for its self-driving feature after it was blamed for some traffic accidents, said the new feature will collect data obtained by eight surround 360 degree cameras, 12 ultrasonic sensors and a radar that can see through fog, heavy rain, dust and even though the car in front of it.

The hardware will be supported by a special on-board computer, much stronger than its predecessors.

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