Trump holds first post-election rally

12/2/2016, 5:47 AM
Trump holds first post-election rally

U.S. president-elect Donald Trump held a “thank you tour” on Friday in which he promised to return manufacturing jobs to the country, and to close the borders to some Middle East migrants. He also confirmed the nomination of James Mattis for the spot of defense secretary, referring to him as “Mad Dog Mattis”.

He excited the masses in Cincinnati by stating that his team broke through the “blue wall” of states that typically voted for Democrats. “We didn’t break it, we shattered that sucker," he proclaimed.

The real-estate magnate vowed to suspend immigration from “unsafe” regions, including some Middle Eastern countries. "People are pouring in from regions of the Middle East. We're going to stop that dead, cold flat," he added. The U.S. president-to-be claimed that the Ohio State University stabbing, performed by a Somali refugee, could have been prevented by a tougher immigration policy.

Trump attacked the media by calling it “extremely dishonest,” and also railed against globalization. “There is no global anthem, no global currency, no certificate of global citizenship. We pledge allegiance to one flag and that flag is the American flag," he said.

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