Trump: Italy should pay fair share of defense cost

Economy | Politics 4/20/2017, 10:00 PM
Trump: Italy should pay fair share of defense cost

The United States and Italy are "very vital allies," President Donald Trump (pictured left) told Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni (middle) on Thursday at a joint press conference in Washington. The two countries are working to achieve a balanced, reciprocal and fair trade relationship, he stressed. Noting there are 30,000 American troops stationed across his counterpart's country, Trump stated the government in Rome should pay its fair share in the cost of defense.

The US president praised Italy as the second-biggest contributor in military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. He commended Gentiloni's government for participating in the fight against terrorism and for "seeking stabilization in Libya."

Italy is "a country of dialogue," the prime minister stated and expressed determination to meet investment obligations according to quotas set by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

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