Trump, Tillerson offer condolences to Warmbier family

Politics 6/20/2017, 12:46 AM
Trump, Tillerson offer condolences to Warmbier family

US President Donald Trump and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson offered condolences to the family of Otto Warmbier, who died on Monday after being held for more than 17 months by North Korea.

Trump said that there "is nothing more tragic for a parent than to lose a child in the prime of life," and he condemned the "brutality of the North Korean regime as we mourn its latest victim." The president added that the death deepens his determination to prevent future tragedies "at the hands of regimes that do not respect the rule of law or basic human decency."

Tillerson said that America held North Korea accountable for Otto's unjust imprisonment and that it demanded "the release of three other Americans who have been illegally detained." He also offered condolences to the Warmbier family "as they enter a time of grief no parent should ever know."

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