UK's Johnson: N. Korea must fix problem it caused

Politics 8/12/2017, 3:33 PM
UK's Johnson: N. Korea must fix problem it caused

United Kingdom Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said on Saturday that North Korea should "fix" the rising tensions between the country and the United States as Pyongyang was the one who caused the issue in the first place.

"The North Korean regime is the cause of this problem and they must fix it," Johnson wrote on Twitter. He added the international community is "shoulder to shoulder in ensuring North Korea stops its aggressive acts" and that the UK is working with the US to solve the situation in a "diplomatic" way.

Earlier in the week, North Korea said it is considering striking the US territory of Guam, while US President Donald Trump warned that the US military solutions are "fully in place, locked and loaded" and it will attack North Korea in case Pyongyang continues to "act unwisely." He also expressed hope North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un "will find another path" and the military conflict will be avoided.

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